Friday, June 29, 2012

Boyfriend Tee

Shirt: Thrifted- $2.00

BFT's are super fun because there are so many of these large mens shirts in thrift stores, and you can refashion them in so many different ways.

Step 1: Cut out the ribbing around the neck
Step 2: Take out the sleeves
Step 3: Take in the sleeves and hem them to shorten
Step 4: Take in the sides to desired fit
Step 5: Re-attach the sleeves (because the fabric is a little stretchy, if the arm hole and sleeve hole do not match up exactly, then gently stretch to make the sleeve and arm holes match up... but try to make the holes match as close as possible when altering the arm hole and sleeve 
Step 6: Find a shirt that is about the same length and style you would like. Use this shirt to trace the length onto your shirt (The shirt that I traced was short in the front, and long in the back)
Step 7: If wanted, add embellishment (I sewed some metallic silver beads on my pocket for some bling)
Step 8: Hem and press everything

This is just one example of the endless things you can do with a basic men's shirt. So head down to your local thrift store and do some experimenting!

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  1. You are so clever and may I add, cute!! I just love your ideas and a good deal is always great. You look fabulous in all that you have done with your great imagination, not to mention the nice dinner for your sweet grandpa. Keep up the good work!!


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