Monday, October 15, 2012

The Aspen Gove

Skirt: Thrifted $3.50
JCrew Inspiration
The lovely 90's shirt dress combo

To save this lovely 2 piece ensemble, I left the shirt as is, which you can see Here, then I hemmed the skirt to give it a more modern look. Another quick fix for those old clothes in the back of your closet, or  those cheap garage sale items. So get out there and start sewing!

For years I have been hearing about the Alpine Loop, and the beautiful aspen groves of Utah, so this weekend, husband and I ventured up the canyon to witness the golden glory they call the Aspen Groves. 


  1. Beautiful! Great idea and beautiful photos!

    xo Emily

  2. Very cute, I love that you paired the brown belt with it, perfection :)


  3. Hey Kenz! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster award! Details are on my latest post.

    The Broadcloth

  4. Great idea!! Love both items!


    swaney e

  5. Great style! I'm totally inspired to sew now after looking at your posts.

  6. Genius! I worry that if I started getting items at thrift stores to alter then I'd be in a world of hurt & overload - but I think you've inspired me to try :).
    Love your blog, I'm follower #25, I'd love a follow back if you like

    1. I know if looks intimidating but start out with something easy and do some experimenting. I promise you it's easier than it looks. By the way I love your blog! You have such great ideas! I defiantly want to make that adorable candy corn wreath! I am officially your newest follower. :)


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