Monday, July 30, 2012

Shirt to Skirt

Skirt: Thrifted and redone- $1.00

I found this men's Gap shirt at a garage sales a few weeks ago for only $1.00!  Large men's knit shirt is the easiest thing to find a thrift store (or your husband's closet). This is possibly the easiest tutorial to make, so get sewing!

Step 1. Take an oversized skirt 
Step 2. Lay an old pencil skirt on top of your shirt to make your pattern
Step 3. Cut out, and sew the edges

...and yes, it really is that easy.


  1. It doesn't hurt that you would look good in the proverbial burlap bag, either, but I ADORE your blog, your clear pics, your inginuity and your before and after are so adorable...I showed your blog to Alexe in Japan, I took her sewing machine with me on the trip recently, and voila, the sewing has started! Keep up the good work!!!!!

  2. You are so good at refashioning! I love this and I love your blog! Great work! :)

    Elemental Carbon


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